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Mugshots and Other Photos

The real power behind Eric's Corolla

Real PowerEric would tell everyone that his car was "all motor". No forced induction, no NOS, no tricks. Yeah, whatever. Ask Dean Hanano about when the cop pulled them over at the street races and went through Eric's car and pulled out the hidden NOS bottle from behind the seat.

Once a pyro, always a pyro?

Pyro?I should tell this guys parents about this site. The picture is a bit cut off and back from the 70's but Richard Hitomi is lighting a puddle of gasoline on fire
in Eric Ono's garage.

Before there we're implants...

Before ImplantsOne thing that's cool about being the webmaster is putting all sorts of embarrassing photos of your friends on your website but none of your own. I'm not sure what's going on in Ken's head at the moment this picture was taken but he sure looks happy and that's all that counts.

Nothing worse than an itch you can't scratch

Scratchin' That ItchGee Kenny, does your wife know about your diaper fettish?

G3 Crew taking time out for a picture

G3 CrewI'm not exactly sure where this was taken but I believe it was a trip to some local mountains to do some target shooting and drinking. Great combination for a fun weekend.

Look at this clean cut all American dude!

   Definitely a model citizen for today's youth.



Racers or Gangsta's?

Don't mess with these guys...


Born to race!!!

Born to RaceOkay, I guess it's only fair that I put some sort of picture of myself on this site. Here's me somewhere around the age of two. As you can see, my love for cars started at a very early age.


G3 Crew at a Shoreline Picnic

Holding down El Dorado Park...


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