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Cool Links


Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club - Cool site for you diehard Old School Toyota owners.  Extremely popular with those going thru mid-life crisis.

Japanese Classic Car Show - Great gathering of classic Japanese cars.

Katy's Nest - Cool site for the JDM vintage car lover.

Restored.jp - Awesome CF and fiberglass parts for vintage import cars.

Classic-Celicas.com - Great Old School Celica forum.

Classic Celicas - If you ever owned a lowered Toyota Celica from the 70's or 80's, this page is for you!

Pulp Racing - I use to work with the guy that runs this site. He now races full time and has captured his personal experiences from behind the wheel while on the track. A lot of funny stories if you got the time to read them.

Oto's Room - I can't really read Japanese and am totally dependent on Google translation.  Cool Celica pix here though!

Stepho's Toyota Site - Super good info on Toyota ID codes and model numbers.

Open-Track.com - Wanna road race your street ride but afraid of getting a ticket? Maybe you should consider Open Track racing.

Vintage Auto Racing Association - VARA sponsors vintage automobile racing events. "The primary objective of the sport of vintage and historic automobile racing is to promote the preservation of these cars in a racing format that emphasizes safety".

Japanese Engrish - If your a JA you'll understand this site. Lot's of funny translation anomalies.

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