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Generation 3

The last generation of Shoreliners were mainly from OC(Orange County). Just like the original Shoreliners, just a bunch of guys hanging out at the street races. We mainly had Hondas except for a few who had Celicas, Corollas, and a RX3. We were into racing a lot more than Generation Two. That is when the present boom of street racing started - in the early to mid nineties. That's also when all the Hondas and Acuras started coming to the races. We started out just testing our cars on Maria Street but then we ended up runnin'(racing) a couple of people on Maria Street and then it turned into the import car hot spot. It was the Mansville Street for the imports. Our cars were mostly stock motors with nitrous on them. Once I burned an exhaust valve I rebuilt the motor with duals and the whole engine was reworked. I guess you can call my CRX the first Honda in the thirteens. It ran a 13.96 at 102.3 mph. I beat the all mighty Junior Asper from Redline. That is when he decided to turbo his car and it all began from there. Info contributed by G3 Shoreliner, Dean Hanano.

It's funny, when you talk to other G3 Shoreliners, Dean's car doesn't seem to be as fast as depicted above. Well, who am I to judge. I just post this stuff to the web. Others can verify it.


Grant Butsumyo Roger Fujimoto Dean Hanano
Richard Hitomi Ross Ito Eric "Lazy Dog" Ono
Bobby Nishida Brian Shimizu Kenny Sugihara
Ken Takenaka Troy Tanaka Wes Tanaka
Tats Toyoda    

Honorable Mentions:

Brian Karasawa Akio Machii Michele Okamura(Shima)

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