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Generation 2

Although still based in Westside Long Beach, Shoreline began to capture more members from the OC(Orange County) area. Along with this began a shift of automobiles and ethnicity. The majority of the cars were now Japanese - mainly Toyota and Nissan. The same shift was present in the club membership - mostly Japanese. Although never the intent, I look back now and find this a bit unfortunate because the club lost some of its diversity.


John Choi Ross Ito Brian Karasawa
Floyd Kika Bill Murakami Michele Okamura(Shima)
Eric "Lazy Dog" Ono Mauro Quibin Brian Shimizu
Kenny Sugihara Gary Suzuki Ken Takenaka
Mark Tanaka Wes Tanaka Dean Takenishi
Dave Tominaga Staci Wong  

Honorable Mentions:

Tammi Fujitani Sheri Sugihara  

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