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Engines and Other Parts

Toyota 2.4L 18RG

Toyota 2.4L 18RG2.4L 18.RG, Ported/Polished, matched intake, HKS cams, adjustable timing gears, 18RGEU distributor, forged pistons, TRD valves, aluminum flywheel, 44mm Mikuni's, shot-peened and balanced crank, and a wack header which ruined the whole package.

Toyota 2.0L 3TC

Toyota 2.0L 3TCThe owner of this motor likes to take all credit for the ingenuity and engineering of this tractor engine. When in reality all he did was choose standard 3TC TRD performance parts then had the guys at Port Flow Design spec his headwork off another built 3TC. I guess you could consider this owner a back n' the day version of present day Honda posers who plaster their Civic DX's with VTEC or Type-R stickers thinking that they'll fool someone.

Supercharged Honda 1.8L B18C1

I'm a true believer in forced induction.  I also believe that its a whole heck of a lot easier to bolt on 100hp than yank the entire engine apart and build up with go fast parts.  That something you can save for later...  after you blow up your motor from too much force feeding.

*** REVEALED *** - The secret motor inside Dean Hanano's "Blue Max" CRX

Blue Max MotorStrange, those sidedraft Mikuni's sure look a lot like a 32/36 downdraft Weber.


Twin turbo RB26 from a R32 Skyline

Ever since my high school days, the Nissan Skyline has been one of my most favorite cars of all time.  I'm still determined to own one of these someday.

Twin turbo RB26 from a R34 Skyline

Although the R34 Skyline isn't my favorite model, it's probably the most sophisticated.  Its electronic computer controlled suspension and all-wheel drive, engine electronics, and extensive use of carbon fiber underneath the car make it a true factory built race car that's fully streetable.

Various Toyota G-Motors


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