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Get a Grip
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Commentaries and Feedback

Can you remember any of the colloquialisms you and your crew use to use
back 'n da day?  Here's a few I can remember:

That's All World - Signifying that something is outstanding, outrageous, cool. "Man, those rims are all world!"

The Man - A law enforcement officer or police vehicle. "Dude, slow down, there's the man."

Duals - Two side-draft carburetors. "You can tell he's running duals, you can hear them half-way down the block."

Squeezin' - NOS or Nitrous Oxide. "Don't run him, he's squeezin."

A-ight Den - Normally spoken as alright then. "A-ight den, we'll see you at Santa Fe and Del Amo later on."

Stinger - Exhaust tip. Sometimes called a megaphone.

Ride - Your car. "Man, your ride is slow."

Sled - Slow. Many Corolla owners know this term. "Eric, your car is serious sled."

Blow Your Doors - It's roots are in the male ego. "Dude, your car is a sled, I'll blow your doors."

Wanna Run? - "Want to race?"

Buy Some Herbs? - I'd rather not say.

Huff It - To walk. "Dude, if you run out of gas, you'll have to huff it home."

Woof - When someone revs on you while driving next to you. Prompting a challenge to a race. "Dude, that guy just woofed on you. Go after him."

WB Move - This is the common act that gets pulled when someone knows they can't beat you in a fair race. It involves building up speed from behind your car and passing you as if they were racing you. "Man, that fool Eric just pulled a WB move."

Hole Shot - When someone gets the jump on you during a drag race. "Dean, why is it that everyone you race gets the hole shot on you?"

You Got Ten - This means you will "set out" your opposition 10 car lengths in front of you. "Will you race for $100 if you got ten?"

The Move - If either opponent is given "the move" they are allowed to initiate the start of the race by moving first. This makes up for about 1/2 second difference in most races unless you drive a Corolla, then were talking about 2 seconds or more. "Then how about if I give you ten and the move? Will you race for $100?"

Set You Out xx - The head start you are given in a race where xx is the number of car lengths. "I'll set you out five and the move."

X Light Poles - A measurement of distance between light poles where x is the number of poles. "Since your car is so slow, I'll set you out 2 light poles."

X Car Flying Start - Another unit of measurement for distance where x is the number of cars a person is behind their opponent. When they pass their opponent, the other vehicle takes off. "Man, I could give you a 5 car flying start and I'll still beat you."

Gangsta Swoop - Using the far right lane or area of a road to pass slower moving vehicles like Corollas. "Man, pull a gangsta swoop and pass this fool."

Fried 'Um - The act of over accelerating and spinning your tires when drag racing. Which in turn causes you to lose time. "That clown Eric raced last night, but we all lost our money cause that fool fried 'um out of the hole."

Let's Go Puff - Use your imagination.

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