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June 18, 2001

My need for organization and methodical thinking

I have been told by many that I'm very organized and that I think things out carefully before doing anything. Everything has it's place and order in my life. I just wanted to publicly demonstrate that this is not the case and if anything, my life is closer to chaos than anything even remotely organized.

Front Left Strut Taken ApartYou can see by this picture that I'm highly organized and keep everything in order when working on my car. Two of my favorites tools are in this picture also. A can of WD 40 and a large mallet type hammer. I also generally end up with extra parts, nuts, and/or bolts when working on my car. Just my overwhelming need to streamline and simplify process.

My WorkspaceHere's another great example of how organized I am when I embark on a project. This particular one demonstrates my neatness and need to keep things organized when doing a software development project for work.

June 13, 2001

Keep your eyes on the road

A few years ago I was driving on the 405N going home from Irvine. As usual, the 405 northbound was congested and traffic was a mess. While driving, I was trying to remember if I forgot to do anything before leaving the office. I was leaving for Honolulu the next day for business (hard to believe but yes, it was for business) and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything before leaving. It's always a drag to call our Office Admin and ask her to Fedex something that I should've taken with me on the plane in the first place.

So, with the traffic moving slow at best, I decided to change the CD I was listening to. I switch CD's, and magically the traffic starts to speed up a bit. Cool! I then look down to select a different track to listen to. 1... 2... 3... 4. 4 is pretty good, I then look up at the road and traffic suddenly stops dead. So as a normal reaction, I slam on the brakes. ABS sets in, brakes act accordingly, the pedal makes the familiar "dug, dug, dug, dug..." pulse and a bit of tire squeal. Oh oh, that massive Chevrolet truck bumper in front of me is getting closer and closer... KABLAM!!! See picture below.

After returning from Hawaii, Brian Kono from Kono's Autobody did a great job at putting my car back together. I told him the whole story behind the accident and he thought it was pretty funny. "Lucky the airbag didn't deploy on you and bust your nose in the process". says Brian.

This is what happens when you argue with a vehicle 5 times your size and weight and lose...

GSR Needing a Facelift

1995 GSR Integra needing a facelift

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