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Auto Gallery

'77 Toyota Celica owned by Ken Takenaka

This car was one of the fastest 20/22r hybrids I've ever seen.  This car also pumped more nitrous into a 20/22r hybrid I've ever seen too!!! I don't think Ken ever got more than two races out of one bottle.



'72 Datsun 510 Owned by Grant Butsumyo

'72 Datsun 510510's are hard to come by. Clean ones even harder. Unfortunately, this car got stolen, crashed, and stripped. BTW, I think it was my own personal set of dual Mikuni 44PHH sidedraft carbs that we're on the car when it got stolen.


'82 Toyota Corolla owned by Eric Ono

'82 Toyota CorollaI don't know what's worse. Losing money from betting that this car would win a race, or listening to Eric's lame excuses about "mechanical difficulties". This car definitely had the right stuff. Just the wrong driver...

'86 Toyota Supra Turbo owned by Akio Machii

'86 Toyota Supra TurboTotally HKS powered, this car put out more horsepower than most exotic Italian sports cars. Rumor has it that this car smoked a Lamborgini Contach on the freeway.

'8x Honda CRX owned by Dean Hanano

'8x Honda CRXI don't know much about this car except that it's green w/ yellow gold trim. He must be a Long Beach Poly fan or something. Dean, send me the specs on "The Blue Max".

'9x Honda Accord V6 owned by Dean Hanano

'9x Honda Accord V6You can take Willie out of racing but you can't take racing out of Willie. It's obvious that modifying our cars goes way beyond just a youthful Asian fad.

'8x Mazda RX7 owned by Brian Shimizu

'8x Mazda RX7Unfortunately, I don't have much info on this car either. Matter of fact, I haven't seen Brian in over 8 years. Brian, you out there???

'71 Datsun 510 owned by Floyd Kika

'71 Datsun 510Nice 510. I wonder what ever happened to this car. More importantly, I wonder what ever happened to its owner!

'77 Toyota Celica owned by Brian Karasawa

'77 Toyota CelicaThere's an interesting story behind this car. It had a fully built 18RG motor. But it never ran right because of a cheap header bought from Toysport. Rumor has it that this car was last scene on a flatbed, wrecked.

'75 Datsun 280Z owned by Richard Hitomi

'75 Datsun 280ZThis car had the most interesting set of driving lights I've ever scene. Too bad the owner took them off before taking this picture. All four of them.

'95 Acura Integra GSR owned by Brian Karasawa

'95 Acura Integra GSRThis is what I drive today. Eric Ono, lemme know when you wanna run it. I'll smoke you.

'9x Lexus GS400 owned by Ken Bone

'9x Lexus GS400Ken is notorious for owning cars for only six months then selling them for something else. He's broken all previous records with this car. I think he's had it for at least eight years now.

'95 Acura NSX-T owned by Ken Bone

'95 Acura NSX-TKen, you could've at least parked the ride someplace where there aren't any POLES to block the view. So Ken, how long did you have this car? Six months right?

'74 Mercury Capri V6 owned by Robert Endo

'74 Mercury Capri V6For those of you who can remember what a Capri was, here's a pic of Robert Endo's first V6 Capri. Notice the Shoreline Racing wave in the bold tint along with the 70's era color keyed side-view mirrors.

'00 Audi S4 owned by Richard Hitomi

'00 Audi S4Richard was a beneficiary AND fatality of the Dotcom bubble. Luckily, he was able to at least get a car out of the whole fiasco.



'82 Toyota Corolla owned by Eric Ono

Another picture of this fake ride and posseur owner.



'8x Toyota Corolla owned by Eric Ono

I think this car got stolen and stripped.  Why, I have no idea.  I didn't think there was a market for stolen sled parts.



Shoreline cars from sometime in the 80's

This picture was taken from a picnic at El Dorado park in Long Beach.  Not exactly sure when the date was but I think it was back in the mid to late 80's.


'90 Porsche Carrerra 2 owned by Ross Ito

Old age doesn't even cure go fast car syndrome.  You can take Willie out of the Westside but you can't take the Westside out of the Willie.  Even as guys approach their 40's and beyond, they still can't help but spend money on their cars.  Ross' 911 sports H&R springs, K&N intake, Chip mods, S/S exhaust kit, Brembo rotors w/ kevlar pads, 993 mirrors and door-pulls, and 993 chromed rims.  Ross' wife Natalie sports the red turbo-intercooled Mazdaspeed Miata in the background.


'04 Acura TL 6MT owned by Brian Karasawa

For all the driving I do for my job, I decided it was time to buy something nice and cushy.  Having four doors definitely helps when taking the kids to basketball practice too.  Still couldn't leave the car alone though.  This TL sports a Comptech suspension and 19" OZ Galilleo III's.


'7x Datsun 510 owned by Floyd Kika

Sorry Floyd, I couldn't remember if you said your 510 is a 70 or 71 or 72.  In any case though, Old School Shoreliner Floyd Kika returns with another 510.  Checkout the old school Hurst T-handle shifter. Talk about keepin' it real!


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